Vicidial Installation to gradually support upto 400 agents!

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Vicidial Installation to gradually support upto 400 agents!

Postby mhamilton » Tue Jul 03, 2007 9:50 am


We'd like to know who is out there, who can get this job done without minimal fuss and giving us an end-product that works.

We're currently working with a team that is very unresponsive, and doesn't value our business.


Flexibility, so we can add/remove/change campaigns easily.
Campaigns of the following nature need to be supported:

Predictive outbound dialing that returns back to agent. (We will be using a lot of channels. Will start with atleast 250 channels, but can go on to 5000-7500 channels in time.)

Voicebroadcasting. Playing message to humans, and pressing 1, it needs to come to the agent.. where either the lead will be closed, or transfered to an external number by way of extension, for ex: #2 will transfer to 1888-399-2222, etc.

Voicebroadcasting same as above, with answering machine detection that will leave messages.

Hopefully do all of this via softphone only. Don't really need the CRM of vicidial.

First, we will create vicidial with these options for 10-15 agents. And see how good the solution will be. If it works, we will start deploying it for the rest.

Would love a GOOD TEAM that actually gets the work done somewhere in the other timezone, like Pakistan/India, etc. Time is of essence, and we need someone reliable and real good at what they do.

Please PM for my email.
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Re: Vicidial Installation to gradually support upto 400 agen

Postby Kabis » Wed Nov 21, 2018 4:53 am

We are the best team in Vicidial Customizations. Please feel free to contact us.
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