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Postby Badguy » Tue Jun 04, 2019 1:54 pm

We have medium call center .We currently run INSIDESALES POWERDIALER to manage our Call Priority , LEAD posting(WEB POST,URL POST) ,Dispo tracking,local presence etc .I currently setup a local server with VICIDIAL to test .I have played around with it but due to my work load it is hard for me to get it to where I want .

What we are looking for are a couple of things .

*Apply a Skin for Vicidial
*Set call Priority and rules .Example not to call more than 16 times one number ,limit how many times a call can be dialed in a certain amount of time .
*Disposition Rules . Example if a certain dispo is used a lead can be taken out for a predetermine amount of time and then put back in priority dial .
*Web Post function . To post directly into vicidial leads that we get from our Lead capture forms
*Have dispositions as a Drop down in the LEAD and not have to go to a second page to select and submit .
*Our current dialer is one-click dial for the next call and would like the same .
*cost per acquisition report for our leads .

All of this is currently handled by Insidesales .There is more but I would like to talk to someone to see whats achievable .We wont to get it as close to our current dialer to be able to make it a smooth transition for our 60 plus seats .
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Postby williamconley » Tue Jun 04, 2019 2:20 pm

One hour consultation: $100. http://catalog.poundteam.com/product_in ... cts_id=300

Sounds like everything you want is already available and configurable within Vicidial except for the "skin". We do have a skin that covers much of the Vicidial layers, and would be able to continue customizing it to include any missing layers which you may need. We also have our DummyDialer system (V1 shown, V2 is more pleasing to the eye, but must be skinned per client so we can't show you a previous client-skin) which is simplistic from the agent standpoint and is dynamically scripted (the next question to ask is determined by the answer of the previous question, it also allows javascript-based decisionmaking in customized scripts for more complex situations).

To begin, you should probably get stock Vicidial configured as close as possible to your pre-existing system without any coding changes, and then determine if the code-change-required revisions are mission-critical or just "how we've always done it". The fewer changes to the Vicidial codebase there are, the easier it is to upgrade your Vicidial installation and take advantages of new features without having to pay for someone to code them (The Vicidial Group continually adds features to the codebase!).

We can consult with you on which buttons to push and/or configure these required features for you directly in your system, and anything in between and beyond. Hourly. Start with that one-hour consultation and we can help you avoid potholes and determine which items your team can handle (perhaps with some assistance) and which should be handled by us instead.
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