Need consultation on Setup of agentts with multiple phones

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Need consultation on Setup of agentts with multiple phones

Postby bilbob96 » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:39 am

If anyone here is in the Philippines or would like to provide some basic support please read my post below i placed in the support forum.

Philippines would be great but remote help is fine too.

HI, I am a newbie to ViciDial and I have read through the manual and have some concerns and questions.

My install is the latest ViciBox 7.0.4
OpenSuSE Leap v.42.1 64-bit
Kernel v.4.1.13
Asterisk v.11.20.0-vici
DAHDI v.2.10.2
LibPRI v.1.4.14
Amfletec VoiceSync v.1.3.8
OpenR2 v.1.3.3 for MFC/R2 support
ViciDial SVN Trunk v.2.12-533a build 160106-1342 revision 2461

I am a bit confused and I see no topics relating to what I am trying to do so I will explain below.

We use zoiper now and our agents have different caller id's for different services they call out on. We do no inbound. One agent may have 4 sip accounts with a specific caller id on each one. They are outbound tech support only.

We wanted the whisper feature that is available in vicidial so all we want to use is the whisper/barge features, no call recording, no voicemail, no autodialing.

After reading the manual, it seems i would have to set up a different user/phone login for each of the agents sip accounts and they would have to register zoiper each time they changed phones. This would mean the agent would constantly have to login to a specific user to actually use vicidial and allow the managers to monitor then and whisper. Our agents do not make a huge number of calls and all are manually dialed. An average night sees them make about 20 calls.

Am I reading the manual wrong?

1. If I set a phone on zoiper, agent logs into vicidial, can he select which caller id number to use when he dials out manually? If so how?

Sorry for such a newbie question, I hope to have this set up and then integrate the rest of our call center to use vicidial, but this is an important first step in order to convincing my supervisors to start integrating the rest of our business model.
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Re: Need consultation on Setup of agentts with multiple phon

Postby williamconley » Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:13 pm

Purchase hourly support from PoundTeam:

Of course, you can also purchase support and training from The Vicidial Group, or ...

Download the Vicidial Manager's Manual if you have not yet done so:

Most importantly: Your approach is slightly off. You should have the leads segregated into lists based on the product/service you intend to sell. Each list goes in a Campaign specific to that product/service. Those phone number are also associated with "ingroups" so the agents receiving those calls inbound later know what product was pitched.

When an agent wants to call someone and sell them a product or service, they log into the campaign for that product or service and the callerid for that campaign is used automatically on all outbound calls if that is how the campaign is configured (campaign callerid instead of agent callerid). Manual dial from the agent screen, not from the agent's phone. This is a fairly standard use of Vicidial whether you're using autodial (highly recommended) or manual dial (viable, but not very cost-effective).

We train on this regularly.
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