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Postby madcoups » Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:15 pm

I need to take a moment from my busy day to SING some praises here about William Conley.
I have been using VICIdial for 3 years, and have learned about as much as I want to about this great piece of software.

It rocks when its working and is a great tool for my business.

I hired a DIFFERENT consultant to fix it after I "broke" it for the first time.... I was messing around with a new Router, a new static IP etc....

I hired that 1st consultant for a couple hours to fix what I broke.... they fixed it, but it was like watching the BAD NEWS BEARS in action.... Lord only knows how many things they screwed up in their attempts to fix..... I was watching them as they took over a machine in my shop that I gave them access too..... It looked like they were learning about the program as they went along. It was frightening!

After that experience, I CALLED WILLIAM CONLEY just to touch base and learn about his services in case I screwed up my VICIdial again. I figured I would check him out to see if he was legit and see if he would be a good resource in the future.

William spent a great deal of time with me (for FREE!!!) and my mind was basically blown away by 1) how much he knew about the program 2) how generous he was with his time and 3) how creative he is about how the use of VICIdial to address the needs of business's he serves.

About 6 months after that conversation, I broke my VICIdial again.... yes I was doing some cool stuff I probably shouldn't have been doing, but there I was....

Now my opportunity to put William Conley to the test! Well let me tell you this guy is a GENIUS. He is affordable, fast, and effective. If you are tearing your hair out trying to solve VICIdial problems.... DON'T!!! YOU NEED TO HIRE THIS MAN, and get back to work.

I spent days trying to fix it myself, then I hired William Conley and my problem was GONE in less than an HOUR! Yes less than an HOUR!!!

This is a real-world endorsement for this man's Pound Team company. One of the most satisfying IT Services purchase I have ever made in my life.... and I have made a lot!

I hope this is helpful to anyone that needs a professional VICIdial consultant, and is confused by the options out there.

I contacted William through his website: poundteam.c o m and I WILL be using him again for some new functionality I've been excited to add, so don't bid up his extremely reasonable prices on me please!
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Postby williamconley » Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:28 pm

Thanks for the Kudos, of course.

But ... Here's a silly question: You've been using Vicidial for 3 years ... yet you only have ONE post on this site? And you've gone so far as to hire people on more than one occasion to fix Vicidial before coming here to get the same advice for FREE?

The Vicidial Group has made this site available and maintains it for all of us to be able to exchange information and increase the User List of Vicidial. I think it's working because I have a lot of clients all over the globe (none in China ... although one company does have an employee in China!).

So next time: Come here first! If you don't get an answer fast enough, then pay someone.

Now, when you want customization ... integration ... all the nice Big Projects that I can use to keep code warriors employed and busy on long-term projects ... definitely call me. And not just for Vicidial :) (Vicidial ... SugarCRM, vTiger, phpMyAdmin, Redmine, PDF generators, Wikis, OSCommerce/Online Catalogs, Merchant Account Integration ... many of which have their own sites just like this one!)

One of our favorite things to do is install new open source packages we've never played with before, many of which will end up on our eventual .iso installer for easy installation. Or just get added to our "we can install this" list.
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Postby jkidd » Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:51 am

WC... what happened to you man...
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Postby mrgunston » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:38 pm

"1) Welcome to the Party!

2) As you are obviously new here, I have some suggestions to help us all help you....."
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