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Custom Recording Path

Postby methenothing » Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:08 am


I am non technical person, so sorry for non technical language. Actually I am running out bound campaign, My agents take certain details from the customer and insert it in my personal CRM software than supervisor listen the recording and approve it or reject it. Now supervisor feels very difficulty while verifying recording because for the each recording he has to follow 5 to 6 steps, 1st he need to copy the number then go to vicidial, search a lead, paste a number then find the recording. is there any specific way I can attach a link of recording in my CRM using either phone number field or any other so that supervisor can just click the link and listen the recording.

I am using go auto dial 3.3
4GB Ram
Xion Processor 1.8
Vici dial Version: 2.9rc1
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Re: Custom Recording Path

Postby mflorell » Mon Oct 23, 2017 6:12 am

There is a Non-Agent API function called "recording_lookup" that can give you the recording URL from the lead_id of the call:

You could also try connecting your VICIdial system with the CRM using features like Dispo Call URL which could just send the URL to your CRM to be stored there as well.

In newer versions of VICIdial there is also an Automated Reports feature that allows you to send results of reports, like the Export Calls Report, by email of FTP on regular intervals.

Other than that, there are other export options, but they have to be set up on the back-end through crontab-triggered perl scripts to do the exports.
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