Inbound Calls to Inactive Server in Cluster

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Inbound Calls to Inactive Server in Cluster

Postby VFRDavid » Thu May 12, 2022 9:03 pm

First, let me say that I am (still) running Version 2.14-670a (2.14b0.5), SVN 2973 (on all servers), DB Schema 1542, build 180424-1521, 6 of my telephony servers are running asterisk v11.22.0-vici, 1 is running 11.21.2-vici and 2 are running 13.27.0-vici, and my system was installed from the vicibox v8.1 ISO.

So - here is my issue - I had an issue with one of my servers yesterday, so, I set Active, Active Asterisk Server, and Active Agent Server all to N, plus I set the Max Trunks to 1. I do this so that the calls, if any will fall off - and no new agents can login - and then I can reboot it - which usually resolved the issue. In this case, it was a little more complicated - I had to offload a bunch of call recordings first, which took a while - and I didn't get back to the server until early this afternoon. The problem is - this server happens to be my primary inbound server / IP - and this entire time, Active/Asterisk/Agent were all set to N - and, even though I had those set to N - the inbound calls were still trying to be delivered to reps. Our inbound carrier is configured to fail-over to a secondary server if/when this primary server isn't available - which is what I thought would occur - but - the server still accepted the calls - sort of - all it was delivering to the reps was a "dead air" call - every inbound call - (until I got into the office and someone reported the issue to me) had no one there - and beyond that - no calls ever failed over to the secondary server.

So...what should the behavior have been? Is this what I should have expected? Is there any way to have a server still powered on, connected to the internet and running asterisk that you want to ignore any inbound calls? Or should I have shut down the asterisk service on that server until I was ready to use it again to force the carrier to roll those calls over to our secondary server?

I hope that what I am describing is clear enough for you to get what I'm asking...

Thanks for any feedback - as always I appreciate it!

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Re: Inbound Calls to Inactive Server in Cluster

Postby carpenox » Sat May 14, 2022 1:04 am

Hey David, I would turn the asterisk service of just to make sure but can't you charge your inbound IP on the carrier level as well? Just a thought
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Re: Inbound Calls to Inactive Server in Cluster

Postby williamconley » Mon May 16, 2022 1:23 pm

Thank You for posting your System Specs! 8-)


* Remove the carrier from your "carriers" on that server if that will cause the "host" entries to fail (ie: If a carrier that is not in carriers has calls rejected, then your carrier will begin failover due to the rejections). Obviously requires testing.
* Add "Hangup(34)" as the first line in the carrier's inbound calls ON THAT SERVER ONLY. Note that this must precede any "answer" or other lines.
* Modify the firewall to block this carrier's inbound packets that are NEW. This should leave the calls in progress intact (if any) but block new call attempts.
* Asterisk Command: "core stop gracefully"
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