Moving server from one to other cluster

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Moving server from one to other cluster

Postby rustynail » Mon May 14, 2018 7:21 am


ViciBox v.7.0.4-170113
SVN: 2780
Asterisk 11.25.1-vici

We have a cluster setup which has now reached almost 14 TEL servers with 2 web and 1 master 1 slave DB servers. To distribute load we have decided to created another cluster and move some of the existing TEL servers from first cluster to 2nd cluster. 2nd cluster has been setup and currently has 1 master and 1 slave DB server. Please advise best practice/method to take out an existing TEL server from 1st cluster and add to 2nd cluster.

1. Delete server from Admin->Servers from 1st cluster and add it on 2nd dialer without changing anything else?
2. Step 1 plus change VARDB_server to new DB server IP in astguiclient?
3. Reinstall the server with vicibox 7 and add to 2nd cluster using vicibox-install script.

Option 1 & 2 are most easy and time saving but I doubt if it break something. if no then I will use one of these options. Option 3 is the last resort.

I searched forum and google before posting this but wasnt able to find similar thread.

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Re: Moving server from one to other cluster

Postby VFRDavid » Sat Nov 21, 2020 2:34 pm

Did you ever get your answer?

Of course, I can run the vicibox-install --debug on each server I want to move - but - as you stated, if I can just manually add the server record to the new cluster, delete it from the old one and edit the astguiclient.conf file on the server being moved - that seems like it would take a lot less time. Of course, there are concerns outside of this - like ensuring that each server allows the others to talk to it - "yast firewall" or iptables stuff - which - some of that editing will be avoided by NOT using the vicibox-install method (since it always re-asserts the TCP/UDP ports it wants to allow) - but - other than what you already mentioned - I would love a "definitive" answer as to how to do the move. After doing a little research, here is my best guess - which is almost entirely based on the Multi-Server Installation manual that poundteam (thank you, Mr. Conley, et al) has available for download from their website [url]( ... Latest.pdf)[/url] - it appears that it may have been written prior to vicibox-install gives you a method to (manually) take pre-existing / previously installed servers, and create a cluster out of them - and there ARE additional steps required to fully integrate a server into a cluster. In addition to just adding it to the servers table and editing the astguiclient.conf file, I think you need to check / perform the following additional items (not necessarily in order - but - I think the firewall should probably be first):

> Make sure the server being moved and the cluster it's moving to like each other's IP addresses.
> NTP - make sure the server is syncing with the "master" time server in it's new cluster.
> Check / edit the keepalives - make sure to check that you have the minimum on the server you are moving - AND - that you're not stepping on any "one server only" keep alive tasks.
> Confirm / create necessary conferences and phones for the server you are moving into the cluster.
> Confirm that the "cron" user on the DB/mysql server in the cluster you are moving the server to will work for new server's IP (unless you're allowing cron to login from ANYWHERE - which I don't recommend, since someone from a white-listed location could use a MySQL workbench to login as cron/1234 and SELECT * from your vicidial_list and other tables. For this reason, the only IP addresses I allow cron to login from are those of any vicidial server in that cluster - I don't do the "%" thing).
> carrier entries for the moved servers (this isn't handled by vicibox-install - but - still needs to be done for telephony servers)

I think that might do it - so - considering the above - I think that the vicibox-install method of moving a server is easier - certainly less risky - especially if you're moving it from a cluster based on a different SVN/db schema...but - I would love to hear anyone else's opinion, what I missed / forgot, etc...thanks!

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Re: Moving server from one to other cluster

Postby carpenox » Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:01 pm

taking a telephony server out of one cluster and moving it to another should be pretty simple, i would just run the script on the server you want to move and point the database to the new cluster main db, changing the keepalive vars accordingly if needed and incorporating the steps that David mentioned to secure your communication to be limited to only between servers themselves is also wise.

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