Alt dial number.

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Alt dial number.

Postby jere8w » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:10 pm

Good afternoon,

The reason for my consultation is because I want to know if it is possible to configure more than one telephone number in the control panel for predictive dialing; Currently we have configured the fields of:

-Address1: Phone number 1.
-Alt phone: Phone number 2.
-Address 3: Phone number 3.

And I want to know if it's possible to add a fourth phone number, as well as how much is the maximum number of phone numbers that I can add per lead,

I hope I was clear.

Thank you very much, regards,
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Re: Alt dial number.

Postby ambiorixg12 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 9:20 pm

In this case you will need to use EXTENDED or MULTI_LEAD option
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Re: Alt dial number.

Postby jere8w » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:11 pm


Thanks for your help,

However, it is not clear to me how I can add that fourth number to the list, because the steps I follow are:

1. Select "Lists."
2. Select "Load new leads"
3. I select the excel file, then the list to which I want to upload it, then the area code that is 506 (CR) and finally click "submit" and proceed to load the lead data by selecting the fields, "at address" 1 on telephone 1, in "alt phone" telephone 2 and in "address 3" telephone 3, which field should I select to load the fourth number?

Thank you very much in advance!
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Re: Alt dial number.

Postby williamconley » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:15 pm

1) Welcome to the Party! 8-)

2) As you are obviously new here, I have some suggestions to help us all help you:

When you post, please post your entire configuration including (but not limited to) your installation method (7.X.X?) and vicidial version with build (VERSION: 2.X-XXXx ... BUILD: #####-####).

This IS a requirement for posting along with reading the stickies (at the top of each forum) and the manager's manual (available on, both free and paid versions)

You should also post: Asterisk version, telephony hardware (model number is helpful here), cluster information if you have one, and whether any other software is installed in the box. If your installation method is "manual/from scratch" you must post your operating system with version (and the .iso version from which you installed your original operating system) plus a link to the installation instructions you used. If your installation is "Hosted" list the site name of the host.

If this is a "Cloud" or "Virtual" server, please note the technology involved along with the version of that techology (ie: VMware Server Version 2.0.2). If it is not, merely stating the Motherboard model # and CPU would be helpful.

Similar to This:

Vicibox X.X from .iso | Vicidial X.X.X-XXX Build XXXXXX-XXXX | Asterisk X.X.X | Single Server | No Digium/Sangoma Hardware | No Extra Software After Installation | Intel DG35EC | Core2Quad Q6600

3) The use of extended and multi-lead dialing is covered in the manual. Have you read it?
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Re: Alt dial number.

Postby ambiorixg12 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:33 pm

You will need to upload multiple lists and tied them using the vendor lead code there are other settings involved

NOTE: MULTI_LEAD Auto-Alt-Dial to use the Auto-Alt-Dial Statuses as set in the campaign
automatically. If you are using MULTI_LEAD you may need to add statuses like DROP, PDROP and
others to your campaign's auto-alt dial statuses so that the other leads tied by vendor_lead_code in the
campaign's lists are not deactivated. If MULTI_LEAD is selected, then a new link will appear higher
up on the Campaign Modification page that goes to a Multi-Lead Settings page where you can
configure how you want the Multi-Lead auto-alt dialing to run. Also, if using MULTI_LEAD, you may
want to use the “agc/deactivate_lead.php” as a script in your Campaign's Dispo Call URL entries to
ensure that after contact is made that the other leads for the account are no longer being called.

Hopper VLC Dup Check - Setting this to Y will result in every lead being inserted into the hopper
being checked by vendor_lead_code to make sure there are no duplicate leads inserted with the same
vendor_lead_code. This is most useful when Auto-Alt-Dialing with MULTI_LEAD. Setting this to Y if
you do not populate the vendor_lead_code field in your leads will result in only 1 lead being inserted
into the dialing hopper per minute. Default is N.
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