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Calls per extension report

Postby uncapped_shady » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:26 am

Good day all,

Please note that we have a need to pull reports at the end of the month for a customer that will give calls made per extension.
Currently Export calls report shows calls per user.
I understand in Ratio campaigns the dialer actually makes the calls and then passes the call to an available agent via the conference that the agents are entered into but the reports will still show that John Doe made a call for X amount of minutes, jada jada jada.

Please could anyone explain me the process of actually pulling reports per call per extension?

Thank you

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Re: Calls per extension report

Postby mflorell » Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:35 am

When you say "extension" what data are you actually looking for here?
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Re: Calls per extension report

Postby williamconley » Wed Jun 12, 2019 2:11 pm

uncapped_shady wrote:need to pull reports at the end of the month for a customer that will give calls made per extension.
Currently Export calls report shows calls per user.

Since your requirement is "extension" and you've stated "user" is not sufficient, then the question is how you define "extension". In vicidial's asterisk PBX implementation, an extension is a number dialed by a sip account OR by a vicidial script, usually to reach a SIP account. In the case of an agent, the agent's "extension" (ie: the agent's Phone) is called as the agent logs in to the Web Interface. But that was not a call BY the extension, but TO the extension.

At that point, the extension does not ever generate a call. Calls are placed in the same Meetme room to communicate with the agent. Indirectly, if the agent makes a manually dialed call, a call will be generated from that meetme room. But otherwise:

After an agent is logged in, the Vicidial Scripting system generates all the calls. The "agent's extension (phone)" does not generate calls or even receive calls, all calls are put into the same meetme room AFTER the call has been answered. The "Dial" was scripted and in no way related to any extension, user, agent, or phone or even meetme room until AFTER the answer.

After the answer, the call is assigned to a USER who is in ready state, and the call is then routed to the meetme room which (not coincidentally) is where the agent's phone is also in the same meetme room. But the phone involved has NO reporting. The phone and meetme rooms are merely tools to get the call to the agent. It's all about the agent. No reporting exists for the "extension/phone" or for the meetme room.
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