How to connect to a remote agent (Outbound campaign)

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How to connect to a remote agent (Outbound campaign)

Postby jessiekidfernando » Fri Mar 15, 2019 1:17 am

Hello Everyone,

I would like to know why I am not getting the call as the remote agent. Though the dialer can dial the leads and can confirm that it is ringing and answered but not going to the remote agent using the external extension that was defined.

Sample lead:

lead_id 23359233
entry_date 2019-03-08 19:41:56
modify_date 2019-03-15 01:13:15
status NEW
list_id 109
gmt_offset_now -4
called_since_last_reset N
phone_code 1
phone_number 8168446123
title Mr
first_name Test
middle_initial M
last_name Lead

Dialplan for the manual and dial prefix:

[ Context 'vicidial-auto-external' created by 'pbx_config' ]
'_91NXXNXXXXXX' => 1. AGI(agi:// [pbx_config]
2. Set(CallerIDString=${CALLERID(num)}) [pbx_config]
3. Set(CALLERID(num)=+1${CallerIDString:-10}) [pbx_config]
4. NoOp(CallerID : +1${CallerIDString:-10}) [pbx_config]
5. Dial(${DIALTRUNKAP16}/+1${EXTEN:2},,tTo) [pbx_config]
6. Hangup() [pbx_config]

Campaign Settings:

campaign_id TESTCAMP
campaign_name Test Campaign
active Y
lead_order DOWN
park_file_name default
allow_closers N
hopper_level 10
auto_dial_level 1
next_agent_call longest_wait_time
local_call_time 24hours
dial_timeout 45
dial_prefix 9
campaign_cid 9999
campaign_vdad_exten 8368
campaign_rec_exten 8309
campaign_recording ALLFORCE
get_call_launch SCRIPT
am_message_exten vm-goodbye
amd_send_to_vmx N
alt_number_dialing N
scheduled_callbacks Y
lead_filter_id NONE
drop_call_seconds 5
drop_action AUDIO
safe_harbor_exten 8307
display_dialable_count Y
wrapup_seconds 0
wrapup_message Wrapup Call
use_internal_dnc Y
allcalls_delay 0
omit_phone_code Y
dial_method RATIO
available_only_ratio_tally Y
adaptive_dropped_percentage 3
adaptive_maximum_level 10
adaptive_latest_server_time 2100
adaptive_intensity 0
adaptive_dl_diff_target 5
concurrent_transfers AUTO
auto_alt_dial NONE
auto_alt_dial_statuses B N NA DC -
agent_pause_codes_active FORCE
campaign_description Test Campaign
campaign_changedate 2019-03-15 01:25:20
campaign_stats_refresh N
campaign_logindate 2019-03-15 01:57:07
dial_statuses A NA PDROP AA NEW -
disable_alter_custdata N
no_hopper_leads_logins Y
list_order_mix DISABLED
campaign_allow_inbound N
manual_dial_list_id 998
default_xfer_group ---NONE---
queue_priority 50
drop_inbound_group ---NONE---
qc_enabled N
qc_statuses (null)
qc_lists (null)
qc_shift_id 24HRMIDNIGHT
qc_get_record_launch NONE
manual_dial_filter DNC_ONLY
campaign_calldate 2019-03-15 01:56:57
crm_popup_login N
timer_action NONE
timer_action_seconds 1
use_custom_cid Y
scheduled_callbacks_alert BLINK_RED_DEFER
queuemetrics_callstatus_override DISABLED
extension_appended_cidname N
scheduled_callbacks_count LIVE
manual_dial_override ALLOW_ALL
blind_monitor_warning DISABLED
blind_monitor_message Someone is blind monitoring your session
inbound_queue_no_dial ALL_SERVERS
enable_xfer_presets DISABLED
hide_xfer_number_to_dial DISABLED
manual_dial_prefix 9
customer_3way_hangup_logging ENABLED
customer_3way_hangup_seconds 5
customer_3way_hangup_action DISPO
ivr_park_call DISABLED
manual_preview_dial PREVIEW_ONLY
realtime_agent_time_stats CALLS_WAIT_CUST_ACW_PAUSE
use_auto_hopper N
auto_hopper_multi 2.0
auto_hopper_level 21858
auto_trim_hopper Y
api_manual_dial STANDARD
manual_dial_call_time_check DISABLED
display_leads_count N
lead_order_randomize N
lead_order_secondary LEAD_ASCEND
per_call_notes DISABLED
my_callback_option CHECKED
agent_lead_search DISABLED
agent_lead_search_method CAMPLISTS_ALL
auto_pause_precall N
auto_pause_precall_code PRECAL
auto_resume_precall N
manual_dial_cid CAMPAIGN
post_phone_time_diff_alert DISABLED
custom_3way_button_transfer DISABLED
available_only_tally_threshold NON-PAUSED_AGENTS
available_only_tally_threshold_agents 0
dial_level_threshold WAITING_AGENTS
dial_level_threshold_agents 0
safe_harbor_audio buzz
callback_days_limit 0
dl_diff_target_method ADAPT_CALC_ONLY
disable_dispo_screen DISPO_ENABLED
screen_labels --SYSTEM-SETTINGS--
status_display_fields NAME_CALLID_LEADID

Remote Agent Settings:

remote_agent_id: 3
user_start: 101134
number_of_lines: 1
conf_exten: 916179967652
status: ACTIVE
campaign_id: TESTCAMP
extension_group: NONE
extension_group_order: NONE
on_hook_agent: N
on_hook_ring_time: 15
OS: Linux version 4.4.155-68-default (geeko@buildhost) (gcc version 4.8.5 (SUSE Linux) )
VERSION: 2.14-717a
BUILD: 190724-1603
Asterisk: 13.21.1-vici
Dahdi: 2.11.1
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Re: How to connect to a remote agent (Outbound campaign)

Postby williamconley » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:35 am

1) Lead information is not relevent.

2) Dialplan is shown in such a way that I suspect you have edited the conf file instead of merely adding a carrier in admin->carriers. If you have edited any of the conf files manually, that's likely to be a problem. If this was generated from the CLI, please instead post the value from the dialplan entry of the carrier.

3) Dialplan is not proper. Only one line has "_91NXXNXXXXXX" and none of them have "exten =".

4) You have a + in your dial string, and are apparently removing the "91" and forcing in the "+1". This leads me to believe you are outsmarting yourself in some fashion. You know too much about asterisk and are trying to apply this knowledge to Vicidial which presents two issues: First, Vicidial is not designed to require deep asterisk knowledge, so trying to build it with anything too deep will likely create confusion (eg: failed calls). Second, Vicidial is a powerful application which in many cases does not follow normal asterisk rules. Thus following those rules will likely create confusion (eg: failed calls) because while you're knowledge is deep, Vicidial implementation may well be deeper. lol. So stick with basics and stick within the Vicidial Web Interface. Until you're very experienced in Vicidial (it'll save you a lot of hair pulling).

5) Campaign settings are irrelevent. And listing the entirety of the campaign settings makes your post MUCH less likely to be read. Please try to include only relevent information when possible. If you didn't feel the need to change or create a setting for this feature, there's no need to list it in your post. Makes life easier for those reading (tranlsation: reader more likely to stick around).

6) Missing: Asterisk CLI from a single example. This is where the magic occurs. This will show us the path being taken and where it goes astray. Based on your previous post, however, I must caution you not to show 3000 lines of unrelated code. 8-) Just a single call test from inception to termination, preferably with NO other calls live on the system. Do not activate SIP or AGI debug (which would cause massive unneeded information overload).

Happy Hunting. (Many users find the problem in the Asterisk CLI ... and never come back. Please post your solution especially if it's embarrassing ... for the next guy!) 8-)
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Re: How to connect to a remote agent (Outbound campaign)

Postby ambiorixg12 » Fri Mar 15, 2019 10:40 pm

@williamconley he used the command asterisk -x " dialplan show vicidial-auto-external that's the reason why it looks like that. Can your system dial to the 916179967652 also what it is the CLI output while dialing and vicidial context for dial to remote agent is the default context
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