Initiate a call to Remote agent using Vicidial API

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Initiate a call to Remote agent using Vicidial API

Postby jayudhandha » Thu Jun 29, 2017 4:30 am

Hi All,

I have installed Vicidial 2.14-617a with Asterisk 1.8 and MySql 5.7.

Recently I have created a Remote agent for my application. I am able to take the inbound call on respective DID and land that call to the Remote agent.

Now I want to go 1 step ahead. I have used external_dial function of vicidial API with normal agents that are logged in on the Vicidial user interface, But now I want initiate outbound calls to Customer and Remote Agent using vicidial API.

Can I do this using any of Vicidial API function? or I have to log in my user.

Thank you,
Jayesh Dhandha
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Re: Initiate a call to Remote agent using Vicidial API

Postby mflorell » Thu Jun 29, 2017 6:27 am

There is currently no API function to initiate a new outbound call to a Remote Agent. The only API function related to Remote Agents is the "ra_call_control" which is used for the ability to hangup or transfer a call that the Remote Agent already has.

I'm sure a new function could be added, but it might be a bit complex, since Remote Agents do not have an existing running screen session, so a lot more would need to be done than for a regular agent to place an outbound phone call.
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