Connect VICIDIAL with SuiteCRM

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Connect VICIDIAL with SuiteCRM

Postby salem87 » Sun Oct 02, 2022 10:23 am

Good Day ,

is there a way to link SuiteCRM with vicidial ? in terms of calls and campaign , etc etc. so if we gonna view the reports we can access it from SuiteCRM

please advice if available.

many thanks for the best team ever.
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Re: Connect VICIDIAL with SuiteCRM

Postby jamiemurray » Mon Oct 03, 2022 7:19 am

VICIdial's open nature makes integration simple for a developer.
Rather than thinking of integration as 1 big thing, break it down into the specific tasks/functions you want.
Think of it like this:
When X happens in SuiteCRM, I want Y to happen in VICIdial.
When X happens in VICIdial, I want Y to happen in SuiteCRM.

* When an agent handles a call in VICIdial, I want a log of that call in SuiteCRM in the Activity module related to the lead.
* When an agent dispositions a call as SALE in VICIdial, I want to convert the lead in SuiteCRM.
* When I change the status of a lead in SuiteCRM, I want the status to be changed in VICIdial.
* When I create users in SuiteCRM, I want a user to be created in VICIdial for that same person.

Break down your goals like this, and think how you'll achieve the goal in the programming language you're most familiar with. (PHP, Perl etc).
If you're not proficient in a programming language, you'll likely need to employ the services of someone who is but you will still need a very clear idea of the specific tasks you want to achieve integration on.

Focus on the tasks you need most urgently to save time, reduce data input errors etc and do them first. You'll likely get off the ground quicker by completing integration step by step like that and start benefiting from progress faster.

VICIdial has APIs for both backend updates and for updating live information while an agent is on a call or controlling their state (Pause, Ready, Hangup, Disposition, Update fields etc):
For anything not covered in the API's you may need to make your own "API" functions, looking at some of the existing ones in the php files should give you or your developer a good idea on how to get started with this.
The "hooks" functionality you find in SuiteCRM is effectively what these fields on the Campaign Detail View / Ingroup View do when you populate them with a URL to a script you created earlier.

SuiteCRM also has an API and the ability to add hooks to fire upon custom defined events:
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