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Vicidial Mobile Supervision

Postby Two8nine » Thu Sep 29, 2022 10:56 am

Not so much of a question as a point of curiosity on thoughts or comments on how others have tackled this. Our center is fairly specialized with a high supervisor to agent ratio.
We require the ability for supervisors to be able to monitor/barge any agent at any time. The realtime report offers this, but isn't well suited to mobile, and offers a lot of features that just weren't needed for mid-low level supervisors.

For internal use I've put together an android application that taps into a (modified) non_agent_api and replicates a lot of the functionality, with a more mobile friendly UI.

Main function is for supervisors both local and remote to see what state an agent is in, and how long they've been in it. Pretty heavily uses sub-statuses, i.e. an agent can flag themselves as needed help, or flags if another supervisor is monitoring them. Also tracks inbound activity (which is minimal but important for us, so uses vibrates and prompts to direct supervisors attention.)

Screenshot of the main scrollpane, indicating a selected agent at the bottom, with contextual options provided. (i.e. monitor/reassign.):

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Re: Vicidial Mobile Supervision

Postby williamconley » Tue Oct 11, 2022 4:05 pm

Did you first view the RealTime Screen's AJAX update data? Of course, dumping information you don't need but keeping to the "stock" code helps with later updates. From experience: Stepping away from the stock code can be painful when new features (or security updates) pop up.

OTH: You could also just create your own custom non-agent api and hope that future updates don't invalidate anything in it (which is rare, honestly). Then since you haven't modified any files, updates shouldn't conflict with your customizations.

Also worthy of note, I hope you know that a phone in Admin->Phones can be a cell number, and can be used to monitor calls with the RealTime screen without custom code.
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