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Load Balancing Technique for 2 Asterisk Servers

PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2019 8:14 pm
by rbbumanlag
Hi Vicidial,

Vicidial VERSION: 2.14-683a
BUILD: 180809-1547

I have a scenario where we want to setup a call center for 2 sites with different geographical location connected via a leased line.
Then we want to load balance incoming and outgoing calls.

What I understand is to enable load balancing on the 2 asterisk servers.
Then create 1 extension for asterisk A then 1 extension for Asterisk B then create a phone alias to be used by the agents.

Just want to know how does the load balancing work? Could I force calls lets say 30 lines for Asterisk A then 20 lines for Asterisk B? then just want to know what is FILL calls?